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The US capital has turned into a revolving door for those in need of reputation laundering - a rather shameful condition for the self-styled leader of the free world. 

Serik Abishev

While Kazakhstan's president has talked up the need for national dialogue as a way of tamping down political tensions, individual activists say they have faced harassment and restrictions on their right to move freely.

Kasym Zhomart

A torch has been passed from the only president Kazakhstan has had in the post-Soviet era to a hand-picked successor, putting Central Asia’s largest and most dominant country at a dramatic crossroads.

Police officers Kazakhstan

Police officers block opposition supporters during a protest against presidential election

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In a country tightly run by one man for three decades, even small protests are a rarity.

Tokayev znamia

In the light of the shortcomings reported by the OSCE/ODIHR Mission, we expect Kazakhstan to address these violations, as well as the controlled legal and political electoral framework, as they run counter to the country's OSCE commitments and international obligations.

Accreditation rules are being used to shape how Kazakh journalists operate | Ortcom.kz

The Kazakh state is increasingly bringing the work of independent journalists under control. A new media law places further restrictions on journalistic freedom.

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Kazakhstan’s first president resigned, but he remains fundamentally intertwined with the state.

Дебаты 2019

Kazakhstan's pretend presidential election contest would not have been complete without a pretend debate among the pretend candidates.

Kosanov with his registration card Facebook

Amirzhan Kosanov, the lone opposition candidate in Kazakhstan’s June 9 presidential election, took the opportunity of Wednesday’s televised debate to demand democratic reforms in the Central Asian nation.