May 10, 2021


Billionaire Suing Four US Residents in London Was the ‘Victim of a Political Campaign’

novikanA wealthy British businessman who is feuding with the state of Kazakhstan over hundreds of millions of dollars of disputed assets claims the Kazakh secret police put him and his brother under “extreme psychological pressure” with a campaign of intimidation on the streets of London and in the USA.

Kazakhstan seeking Aliyev’s hidden millions in Cyprus

ALIYEV CYPRUS 1Kazakh government officials have requested that a bank account in Cyprus – storing millions of dollars generated from alleged criminal activities by ex-Kazakhstan official Rakhat Aliyev – be frozen with immediate effect.

A Lavish Life for the Widow of Gangster Rakhat Aliyev

widowraΤο, λόγω του διεθνούς ενδιαφέροντος και της έρευνας που βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη σε αρκετές χώρες, δημοσιεύει το ρεπορτάζ με τίτλο «Στη χλιδή η χήρα του γκάνγκστερ» και στην αγγλική γλώσσα. Διαβάστε το στα ελληνικά εδώ. Στα αγγλικά:

"Panama Papers": Aliyev’s Money Toured the World

alijewRakhat Aliyev enjoyed the benefits of Panama too. Large profits from the sugar businesses that he once launched in Kazakhstan were allegedly transferred to offshore accounts.

Modern Kazakhstan needs a modern economy

AKAkezhan Kazhegeldin analyses the reasons behind the economic crisis in Kazakhstan and proposes some decisive reforms.

End corrupt money in uk property

MansionThe UK Government should establish transparency over who owns the companies that own so much property in the UK. Before completing a purchase on a property, overseas companies should be required to submit to Land Registry the same details that UK registered companies must submit to Companies House.

David Cameron vows to fight against 'dirty money' in UK property market

davidcameronPrime minister will use a speech in Singapore to hit out against corrupt foreigners who launder money by buying up British homes through holding companies. David Cameron will promise to act against corrupt foreigners who buy up luxury properties in the UK using secretive holding companies to hide their “dirty money”.

Kazakh pair in Austria trial after Aliyev jail death

Two Kazakhs are due to appear in court in Austria in one of the country's most unusual murder trials. The men, who include a former intelligence chief, are accused of aiding the abduction and murder of two bankers in Kazakhstan in 2007.

Far From Kazakh Chief's Inner Circle, Aliyev Found Dead in Cell

Rakhat Aliyev rose to the height of influence and power in Kazakhstan, marrying the president's daughter and controlling many of the country's major companies. By the time he was found dead in a Vienna jail cell today while awaiting trial for murder, he'd been on the lam from his former father-in-law for eight years.

Kazakh ex-diplomat Aliyev dies from apparent suicide - Austrian court

Rakhat Aliyev, the Kazakh president's former son-in-law turned opponent, has been found dead in an Austrian jail from an apparent suicide, a court spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

'Assets don't fit new strategy': BP withdraws from talks on three Caspian blocks in Kazakhstan

'Assets don't fit new strategy': BP withdraws from talks on three Caspian blocks in Kazakhstan

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Kazakh minister sees no upside for Western-led giant oil developments this year

Kazakh minister sees no upside for Western-led giant oil developments this year

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Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

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