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mablyazovleavesjailA former mayor of Kazakhstan’s largest city and his son may be on the hook for more than $280,000 for violating a confidentiality order in a multibillion-dollar lawsuit over embezzlement and money laundering that also allegedly involved purchases of condominiums at the luxury Trump Soho tower.

freedom on the netAs Internet penetration grows in the country, so do the government’s attempts to monitor, control and repress dissenting voices.

hrapunovablyazovMultiple breaches of worldwide freezing orders (WFOs) in contempt of court can form the basis of an action for damages caused by 'unlawful means' conspiracy, the UK's highest court has confirmed.

putinNow that Vladimir Putin has dispensed with the formalities of reclaiming presidential authority, Kremlinologists can focus on the more substantive question of how Russia’s paramount leader intends to define his third term. In particular, many are wondering how he will proceed with his pet project -- the creation of a Eurasian Union.

Screen Shot 2018 03 19 at 8.52.07 pmDemocracies need different rules of engagement with authoritarian regimes.

PutinTitleRussian President Vladimir Putin may be running for reelection as an independent candidate, at least officially — but his electoral campaign is wholly funded by the ruling United Russia party and 22 affiliated foundations. They have contributed the entire 400 million rubles (US$ 7 million) that any candidate can legally spend on the election.

kaz1Kazakhstan’s long-heralded stability is being challenged by growing economic problems, societal frustrations, and rising nationalism.

astanaJared Genser’s firm described Iskander Yerimbetov as “a hostage” of the Kazakh state who had been subjected to torture.

RTS1G6DG e1516892487832Despite what you might gather from recent reports, democracy is not “in crisis” because Russia (a country facing a massive HIV epidemic) or China (a country facing huge looming demographic problems) has a better economic or political model.

kazakhstan army beretta arxEven with its economy still recovering from the collapse of oil prices in 2014 Kazakhstan is laying the groundwork for a self-sufficient domestic arms industry that may soon export its wares. In December 2017 the defense minister met with the French ambassador, Philippe Martinet, to sign a “military cooperation agreement.”