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New evidence emerges of China forcing Muslims into ‘reeducation’ camps


First-of-its-kind courtroom testimony here has corroborated allegations that the Chinese government has built a network of internment camps in western China where Muslim minorities are held without charge for “reeducation.”

China’s Policies Spur Central Asians To Cautiously Chart Independent Course – Analysis

XinjiangChina’s brutal crackdown in its north-western province of Xinjiang and growing questions about the dark side of some of its Belt and Road investments is fuelling anti-Chinese sentiment, prompting some countries to explore ways to chart an independent course, and feeding into the narratives of rising populist leaders.

They Won’t Back Down: Kazakhstan’s Feisty Newspaper

lukpanThree years after recovering from an attempt on his life, journalist Lukpan Akhmedyarov ditched his day job and began running a business.

Chinese 'reeducation camps' in spotlight at Kazakh trial

sudkzkhSecretive "re-education camps" allegedly holding hundreds of thousands of people in a Muslim-majority region in western China are the focus of an explosive court case in Kazakhstan, testing the country's ties with Beijing.

Revival of Pan-Turkism in Kazakhstan Threatens Pillars of Eurasian Union

magzhanzhumabThe term “pan-Turkism,” which carried a similarly ominous meaning as “enemy of the people” under Joseph Stalin and his Soviet successors, has become a strong component of Kazakhs’ search for national identity ever since their country achieved independence more than a quarter of a century ago.

Surveillance fears cloud China's 'Digital Silk Road'

gorlightsA major element of China's continent-spanning Belt and Road Initiative has nothing to do with roads, ports or power plants. Rather, the "Digital Silk Road" aims to construct communications networks across the developing world.

U.S. Bribery Enforcement Gained Steam in Quarter

usdepartmentAfter a slow start to 2018, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement activity increased in the second quarter, raising the potential for a banner year in FCPA-related penalties collected.

Xinjiang: Pan-Turkism Fuels China’s Hearts-And-Minds Campaign – Analysis

mosqueinzinjiangChinese efforts to woo Saudi Arabia’s ethnic Chinese community highlight the People’s Republic’s effort to avert criticism from the Muslim world of its crackdown in the north-western province of Xinjiang and strengthen relations with the kingdom and Middle Eastern nations.

Modernising authoritarianism in Uzbekistan

rsz pa 36547559Uzbekistan’s so-called “spring” is more about upgrading this Central Asian state than providing political freedoms.

Kazakhstan Opens Astana International Financial Center In Hopes To Become Eurasian Finance Hub

theepcotAt first glance, Kazakhstan’s new financial center is an exercise in ambition. Built out of the infrastructure of a futuristic, Epcot Center-like World Expo venue, the Astana International Financial Center at least doesn’t have to put in new wiring. It has everything. It wants to be everything, too.

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

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Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

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Kazakhstan: Crackdown on Government Critics

Kazakhstan: Crackdown on Government Critics

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