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uztrampTashkent, Uzbekistan - For the first time in a generation, Tashkent has an outward-looking foreign policy.

kairatabdAstana buys Beijing's talk of ethnic Kazakhs serving as a "living bridge."

Joanna LillisKazakhstan is an Asian country with an important role to play in the region, thanks to its geographical position and to the energy rich soil. Located in the heart of Central Asia, between two powerful neighbours with geopolitical ambitions, Russia and China, this young Republic is trying to maintain an equilibrium and defend its independence.

kazatompromAstana International Exchange (AIX) is pleased to announce that trading in shares of JSC NAC “Kazatomprom” (Kazatomprom) and conditional trading of Global Depository Receipts of “Kazatomprom” has been commenced on its platform today.

jihadistIt is not religious extremism that appears to unnerve Kazakhstan’s government, but dissent.

thesisappearedA million Muslims are being held in reeducation camps in northwestern China, where they are forced to learn Mandarin and sing communist songs. Ex-prisoners who have escaped across the border to Kazakhstan talk about their imprisonment.

policenazarpostThe NGO Public Eye has accused Vitol, the second largest company in Switzerland, of using a discreet joint venture to conceal links to powerful elites in Kazakhstan, helping the company win lucrative contracts in the country.

Screen Shot 2018 11 13 at 11.09.48 pmUnidentified assailants viciously attacked a local trade union leader in Kazakhstan on the evening of November 10, 2018, Human Rights Watch said today.

thediplomat ap nazarbaevWho will run Kazakhstan after President Nursultan Nazarbayev, its current and only leader, passes from the political scene?

kuanyshbashpaevIn April 2017 Kazakhstan jailed Kuanysh Bashpayev for later banned Islamic talks. Now Galymzhan Abilkairov, one of two who posted some of the talks online before the ban, has been jailed for seven years, seven months. Dadash Mazhenov's verdict is due on 5 November.