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Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev hikes benefits as demonstrators are detained

Authorities hope greater social spending helps defuse creeping mood of discontent.

Dozens of people have been detained while attempting to demonstrate in Kazakhstan’s capital as the ruling party held its congress in the wake of a major government reshuffle triggered by the country’s weak economic performance.

KAZAKHSTAN: One city, two raids, three fines

Police in Taraz – including anti-terrorism officers – raided two Baptist worship meetings on successive Sundays in February. Police summarily fined three Baptists and issued two warnings. 

Kazakhstan silences the Xinjiang megaphone

Serikzhan Bilash
Security services in Kazakhstan had their steely gaze locked onto Xinjiang-focused activist Serikzhan Bilash long before his  over the weekend.
When a Eurasianet correspondent met Bilash for the first time last July, prosecutors in his home city, Almaty, had just handed him a formal caution to refrain from participating in a rally summoned by a foreign-based opposition figure.

‘Show Me That My Father Is Alive.’ China Faces Torrent of Online Pleas.

muratharriMurat Harri Uyghur, a doctor in Finland, is helping to compile testimonies from other Uighurs in exile about loved ones who may be in Chinese internment camps.

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev scrambling to be seen acting on growing inequality

glassesblackThe strongman can keep firing ministers, but analysts feel he’s avoiding Kazakhstan’s bedrock economic problems.

Finding Kazakhstan’s Troll Farms

fnquhrzzwmzzNurbots fill comment sections across the Kazakh internet. They may not be convincing but they pollute online discourse.

Kazakh activists keep battling as Xinjiang crackdown evolves

kazakhativistsTheyve taken him again, said Munai Taskairat kyzy, sobbing over the phone.

Controversial think-tank #ODF in Brussels move

Lyudmila KozlovskaDespite being banned from the EU, Lyudmila Kozlovska (pictured), president of the Open Dialogue Foundation, has relocated her HQ to Brussels, writes James Hipwell.

Kazakh Judge Fired After Opposition Activist's Acquittal

malikkenzhalievThe chief judge of a court in western Kazakhstan has been fired after his court acquitted an opposition activist in a high-profile case.

Kazakhs Ridicule ‘Self-Made Man’ Puff Portrait of Presidential Grandson


nuralialievscreenshotFacebook users in Kazakhstan are mocking an apparent PR piece that first appeared on the website

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

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Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

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Kazakhstan: Crackdown on Government Critics

Kazakhstan: Crackdown on Government Critics

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