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Analysis: Why All The Worry In Kazakhstan?

kazakhpolicedetainAny Kazakh official with a microphone in front of them would say President Nursultan Nazarbaev enjoys widespread popularity.

Kyrgyz Court OKs Extradition Of Kazakh Activist Despite 'Risk Of Torture'

riskoftortureA court in Kyrgyzstan has upheld a decision to extradite a Kazakh opposition activist to his homeland despite concerns by human rights activists that he could face torture and ill-treatment if returned.

Even the Ghost of a Possible Protest Spooks Kazakhstan

flagkazakstanDozens of people were detained across Kazakhstan on June 23 as Astana sought to abort a planned protest called for by the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan (DVK), an opposition party banned as an extremist group by the Kazakh government in early March.

Kazakh police detain dozens at anti-government rally

sobrkzPolice in Kazakhstan detained dozens of people at an anti-government rally on Saturday organised by an exiled opponent of the veteran president, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Revealed: Top Tory Helps Dictator Create Tax-Haven for Dirty Russian Money

francles maudeFrancis Maude MP is advising Kazakhstan on how to create a financial "free zone", which is likely to handle big money from Russian oligarchs.

Kazakhstan at SCO Summit Calls for Expediting Beijing-Berlin High-Speed Rail

nazsamitKazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized on Sunday at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit the need to push international connection projects such as the Beijing-Berlin high-speed rail line that will pass through Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Transformation of principles or Expert-Shopping, Ak Orda-Style

Martha BrillMartha Brill Olcott is one of the most famous experts on Kazakhstan. She is the author of two books on Kazakhstan (The Kazakhs, published in 1987, and Kazakhstan: The Unfulfilled Promise (2002). 

KAZAKHSTAN: Restrictive legal amendments reach Senate

senatkzWide-ranging amendments to Kazakhstan's Religion Law and 11 other laws that seem set to increase still further the already tight restrictions on freedom of religion or belief begin consideration in Parliament's upper house.

In Uzbekistan, they yearn for all the Nobel Prizes this year to take away their "sun"

MirziyevA representative of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Olimjon Tukhtanazarov, delivered such an idea, the Belarusian partisan reported with reference to Ferghana Information Agency.

KAZAKHSTAN: Legal amendments - no text, no OSCE review

oscekzKazakhstan's Human Rights Ombudsperson called in April for the parliamentary Working Group considering the wide-ranging amendments to the Religion Law and other laws to be sent for an OSCE legal review.

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

Analysis: Central Asian countries need to remain focused on reforms despite new security threats

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Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union

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Kazakhstan: Crackdown on Government Critics

Kazakhstan: Crackdown on Government Critics

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