aliyevrAs Austrian media „Die Kronen Zeitung" is reporting, the former Kazakh Ambassador to Austria and the International Institutions Rakhat Aliyev - European crime units investigate against him on charges of double murder, torture, abduction and money-laundering - can travel around Europe in private learjets.


Although EU politicians and legal experts criticize the fact that no Europe-wide arrest warrant has been issued so far, Mr. Aliyev can move freely without any restrictions. Despite the fact that his assets in Malta were frozen by court-order, he is still able to hire private jets, according to sources especially in and from Greece, were he is now registered.


One of his business partners meanwhile was arrested, accused of helping Mr. Aliyev in money-laundering crimes.


Rakhat Aliyev always underlines that the accusations against him were only fabricated and he sees himself as a political victim, persecuted for being an opposition figure by the Kazakh authorities.


A new official report, issued by the Austrian Federal Crime Bureau (Bundeskriminalamt) seems to prove the opposite. After analyzing all legal and public documents, facts, victim testimonies and evidence, the accusations against Mr. Aliyev and his aides have a legal basis and were not fabricated by any third party, the report of the Austrian Federal Crime Unit concludes.