nazpThe President of Kazakhstan , Nursultan Nazarbayev, stated that tsarist Russia was out of the country all the wealth.

It is reported by the Kazakh news.

«During tsarist Russia all the wealth of earth were taken out, and we just left the dug the ground and forced to swallow the dust. We even have roads in the country were not. And now I saw some railroad launched? And before such was not, because we were a colony», — said Nazarbayev during the awarding ceremony of laureates of RK President «Altyn Sapa».

He also said that now the country is developing in economic terms: «We don’t stop: launch giant enterprises, creating new workplaces, modern factories. Who does this in the world? What kind of state? There are no such».

As earlier reported, in December a court in North Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk has sentenced the inhabitant of the North Kazakhstan region for five and a half years in prison «for inciting ethnic hatred in social networks and appeals to join Russia».

Add at least four citizens of Kazakhstan were sentenced in 2015 on charges of inciting separatism and ethnic hatred through the Internet.

In April 2015 in Kazakhstan, sentenced to three years a local resident, fought against Ukraine on the side of the militants of the group «DNR».

In December 2014, a citizen of Kazakhstan, who fought on the side of Pro-Russian militants in the Donbass for the «Enroute», went to prison for 5 years.

We will remind also that on August 29, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the youth forum Seliger that Kazakhstan was never a state.

Already on August 30 the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, said on the right of his state to withdraw from the Eurasian economic Union, if there is a threat to Kazakh independence., 07.12.2016