Events and opinions

seenoevilIt’s unclear how many people are living in some sort of detention in Xinjiang, the restive region in China’s far west.

mankilledThe facts of the initial fight, in which a young man was killed, have been entirely eclipsed by the politics of nationalism.

kzflagdpMontrealers and out-of-province students alike may marvel at the complex linguistic politics of Quebec – but the daily difficulties of “Bonjour-Hi” are insignificant to many Kazakhs, who will have to learn an entirely new alphabet in the coming years.

muratakhmanovThe movie is a forgettable addition to the presidential cult of personality.

oficialwhitehousA focus on promoting transparency and fighting corruption rather than China-bashing will be more successful in the long run.

digitalrevolutionReport says hackers detected online protest-sniffing software in Kazakhstan

djikhadkzThree men received prison sentences of between seven and eight years.

abishevdefProsecutors made little secret of the fact that the case was pursued on political grounds.

naz handRecent events suggest Kazakhstan is preparing for snap elections. For parliament or the president?

Roza OtunbayevaThe first woman to lead a Central Asian country discussed China, her successors’ rivalry, and regrets from her time in office.