20171006 Kazatomprom article main imagePrivatization drive confronts wariness about state intentions

Huawei staffInterpol, the international police organization, has just concluded its annual meeting in Beijing.

DIMONDSBEAntwerp World Diamond Centre , Servais Verherstraeten, Axel Haelterman, Raf Verstraeten, Catherine Degoul, Patokh Chodiev, diamonds, Kazakhgate

b 350 250 16777215 00 images caspian sea mapIn a move presented as glorious and spectacular, oil companies from Russia (Rosneft), China (CNPC), Kazakhstan (Kazmunaygas), Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and Italy (Eni) have teamed up to form a consortium for the exploration and exploitation of what is expected to be a new “giant” located in the very heart of the northern Caspian tectonic structure.

metalkzCommodity prices have found a “new normal” but copper is doing much better.

pAn old Chinese proverb would be best amended to go something like this: if you want China to be rich, you must first build roads. Unfortunately, a road or railway is useless unless you own and can legally operate a fleet of trucks, locomotives, and rolling stock to ply the routes.

moderneraThis is the first in a series of studies conducted as part of a program to analyze historical precedents and develop recommendations on how to diversify resource-based economies.

thediplomat 2017 04 13 15 44 27 386x257Kazakhstan, it seems, has been one of the worst violators of a promise made in December to cut oil production. According to data in the International Energy Agency’s March Oil Market Report [PDF], Kazakhstan had agreed to a 20,000 barrel per day cut but instead increased production over the baseline month level (October) by 78,000 bpd.

20170314 oil workers article main imageKazakhstan is facing the growing prospect of an international backlash over a crackdown on labor unions that has curtailed workers' rights and increased the likelihood of social unrest and political destabilization.

2016 12 26 1482758929 1929078 trump1915273 1280 thumbDonald Trump’s munchkins would have us believe that the new American president is going to usher in a period of prosperity for the United States and the world.


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