saudiprincealwaleedCheering supporters greeted Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal when he arrived at his skyscraper offices in Riyadh after his release from detention in an anti-corruption crackdown.

danzcolorplus8675 668x501President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan is Welcomed at the White House


Moldovan businessman Anatolie Stati will ask bailiffs to sell a $5.2 billion stake in the Kashagan oil field owned by a Kazakh sovereign wealth fund if Astana refuses to pay a $500 million arbitration award, Stati’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

bishimbayevKuandyk Bishimbayev, accused of bribery and embezzlement, maintains his innocence.

884870564Investigators are expected to dive into Jared Kushner’s real estate dealings with money flowing from Russia and Kazakhstan, according to a copy of a bombshell book.

600363.1514352987.bA federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit brought by Kazakhstan against two exiled citizens who supposedly hacked officials’ emails and published them in a critical newspaper, the US media report.

Sauat MynbayevThe Paradise Papers comprise millions of leaked documents relating to offshore activities of the super-rich, including Queen Elizabeth II.

btabankchCourt cases playing out on two continents may reveal whether the bank’s former chairman funneled money into three condos in the Manhattan luxury tower.

nazmKazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has threatened companies stashing money abroad with ominous consequences unless they repatriate their funds, media reported.

gulcarThe boyfriend of a corrupt Uzbek pop singer, socialite and former UN ambassador bought luxury properties in London worth more than £17 million using shell companies, The Telegraph can disclose, raising fears about money laundering.