murathantakThe convictions close the book on corruption and murder trials that have exposed the rot within the system.

berthelsen kazakhsA scandal involving fraud, racketeering and theft that features ties to President Donald Trump and a notorious Cyprus bank is playing out in a Los Angeles federal court, where a former Kazakhstan politician and his family are accused of laundering at least US$300 million in stolen government funds.

14120482 low res mcmafiaTwo homes worth £22 million and owned by a foreign tycoon today became the first to be targeted using a new law to tackle “McMafia” style criminals in Britain.

img 4899As temperatures plummet to sub-zero and over a thousand people sleep rough on London’s streets, Who Owns England can reveal the Mayfair mansion that’s been empty for 14 years.

kuandykbishimbayevThe accused is a star of one of Kazakhstan's most-vaunted success stories: the Bolashak scholars program.

201802eca kazakhstan erimbetovProvide Medical Treatment, Ensure Justice for Abuse

aidaalievanuraliThe wife of one of Vladimir Putin’s former cronies has given the Conservative Party £30,000 to dine with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

20180119 Almaty Joanna Lillis 1Bemused skeptics say the video and subsequent arrests seem like a convoluted set-up designed by security services to jail dissidents.

London1The UK will force people owning property worth more than £50,000 (US$70,000) who have suspected links to organized crime or are vulnerable to graft as a result of their political position to explain where they got their money from, The Times reported on Saturday.

saudiprincThe global renown of billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal made his involuntary detention in early November at Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton hotel one of the biggest single shocks of Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption crackdown.