March 09, 2021


Ten Ways Washington Can Confront Global Corruption

tenwayssashingtonIn 2018, public anger and legal action over corruption have toppled political leaders in Malaysia, Peru, Slovakia, South Africa, and other countries.

Revealed: UK's Head of 'Tax Simplification' Is Helping Set Up a Tax Haven

angelaknightA government tax adviser and one of Theresa May's "business ambassadors" are helping to create a tax haven in Kazakhstan. 

South York II: Building work begins on the site of Prince Andrew and Fergie's demolished mansion - 11 years after he sold Queen's wedding gift to Kazakh billionaire for £15million

dukeofyourkThe £15million mansion handed to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson by the Queen as a wedding gift is finally being rebuilt almost three years after it was razed to the ground by a Kazakh billionaire.

The Case of the Khrapunovs


International institutions fail to measure up to the task of tackling globalized financial crime.

Kenya, Swiss sign deal to recover corruption loot


The fight against corruption went a notch higher on Monday following the signing of an agreement that clears the way for the recovery of assets acquired through graft and stashed in foreign countries.

Malaysian police to question Najib and wife after seizing up to $275 million from homes

kalalampurMalaysian police said on Wednesday they would soon question former prime minister Najib Razak and his wife after finding nearly $275 million (208.29 million pounds) worth of jewellery, handbags, watches and other items at premises linked to the couple.

The winding money trail from Kazakhstan to Trump SoHo

trumpsohoNYA collaborative investigation has found the specific offshore companies used to route into a Trump-branded property more than $3 million linked to a massive fraud case in Kazakhstan.

Steppe to Soho: How Millions Linked to Kazakhstan Mega-Fraud Case Ended up in Trump Property

Trump Arif and SaterFor years, journalists — and reportedly even federal investigators — have pored over U.S. President Donald Trump’s business deals for signs that criminals and their dirty money may have entered his orbit.

Kazakhstan: Presidential daughter getting Panama-ed at a tricky time

dariga nazarbaevaThe president urged businesspeople to repatriate offshore funds, but his relatives seem to be disregarding the call.

You're spoiling us, Mr Ambassador!

BeckerAs former grand slam champ Boris Becker finds himself embroiled in a diplomatic dispute, we give you a who's who of the criminal and corrupt abusing ambassadorial powers to evade the law.

Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

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Jailed Kazakh Activist's Parole Request Rejected

Jailed Kazakh Activist's Parole Request Rejected

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Kazakh Activist Goes On Trial For Ties With Banned Opposition Group

Kazakh Activist Goes On Trial For Ties With Banned Opposition Group

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