March 09, 2021


A new party would just be a Blairite tribute act, discredited from the start

tonyfriendTony Blair – friend to dictators, enemy of socialist principles – wants a breakaway party. It would be a vehicle for the powerful

Bribery Trial to Start Against Swedish Telecom Bosses

640px Larsboda TeliaSonera 2012A massive corruption trial is to kick off on Tuesday, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged bribes, top executives of Sweden's largest telecommunications company and the jet-set daughter of the late president of Uzbekistan.

After Cohen/Manafort, we're (still) only at the beginning of #TrumpRussia

Money Laundering Flow Chart 1

Just as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and have so much further to go in #TrumpRussia. And Mueller’s following the money is a specialty of the FBI/DoJ.

Brian Oliver: Kazakhstan should drop potentially disastrous legal threat to weightlifting - but are they big enough to do it?


Headlines around the world described Ilya Ilyin as a "horse-meat powered Kazakh" after he won his second Olympic gold medal at London 2012.

Paul Manafort went to Kyrgyzstan to 'strengthen Russia's position'

paulmanafortInvestigation claims former Trump campaign chair promoted Russian interests

London Laundromat

Laundromats 1170x650A device that was meant to force rich investors to be more transparent has become the latest symptom of Britain’s addiction to secrecy and dirty money

From Cork with love: Kazakh hotelier routes €228m to Russia through Irish firms

bulatutemuraovritzHotelier’s transactions via Cork highlight how oligarchs funnel millions through Irish companies to Russia

Cyprus Records Shed Light on Libya's Hidden Millions

Daibaba2B 01Newly leaked records from Cyprus show how a Gaddafi-era procurement official who stole millions from his country's government used offshore companies and multiple bank accounts to channel and launder the proceeds abroad.

Corruption Case Begins Against Kazakh Couple That Allegedly Laundered Money Through Trump Tower

khrapunovvOn Thursday, a court in Kazakhstan launched preliminary hearings of a corruption case against the former mayor of the Kazakh city of Almaty, Viktor Khrapunov, and his wife Leila Khrapunova, a couple with deep ties to the Trump Organization.

Corruption Trial Against Former Almaty Mayor Opens In Kazakhstan


A court in Kazakhstan opened preliminary hearings in the case against former Almaty Mayor Viktor Khrapunov and his wife, Leila Kharpunova, on July 26.

Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

Fugitive kleptocrat supports protest in Kazakhstan

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Jailed Kazakh Activist's Parole Request Rejected

Jailed Kazakh Activist's Parole Request Rejected

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Kazakh Activist Goes On Trial For Ties With Banned Opposition Group

Kazakh Activist Goes On Trial For Ties With Banned Opposition Group

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