01klepto1 sub superJumboAn effort by the United States to seize assets from officials who stole their countries’ wealth is now focused on returning the loot without enriching the looters.

ben judahThe United States needs to start paying attention to what has happened to the world economy. Gigantic sums of money are now traveling the world incognito.

ElnarashorazovaElnara Shorazova has a weakness for health spas, expensive treatments and luxurious restaurants. She sometimes manages to spend in a couple of days, between Vienna and Krumpendorf am Wörthersee, an amount that an average earner would be happy to earn in a month.

dicaprAccused of involvement in stealing billions from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, Prime Minister Najib Razak did what autocratic leaders around the world do when scandal is in the air. He cleared house.

Rakhat Aliyev 702x436A Cypriot court ordered the freeze of assets located in Cyprus in possession of Elnara Shorazova, the widow of former Kazakh diplomat Rakhat Aliyev, a source familiar with the matter said.

ALIYEV CYPRUSAttorney General Costas Clerides has blocked a motion in the House looking to scrutinise how the Famagusta Cooperative (Co-op) Bank handled accounts linked to the late ex-Kazakhstan official Rakhat Aliyev.

Shoraz bank receipt 672x436A group of Kazakh exile dissidents said they have asked Cypriot authorities to freeze assets worth tens of millions of euro held by the widow of the former son-in law of Kazakhstan’s ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev, on the grounds the money had been illegally seized.


A Swiss court has ordered the re-opening of an investigation concerning alleged Kazakh government-backed illegal surveillance of a political exile based in the Lake Geneva area.

trumppEver since a series of bankruptcies left banks unwilling to lend to him, Donald Trump has been on the lookout for partners willing to fund the buildings that bear his name.

trump sohoA Financial Times investigation picks through the murky path from the former mayor of Almaty to Trump Soho.