October 2019

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Political process

Masked 'Umbrella Men' Strike Kazakh Journalists Again

Pensioner Ernazar Perneev had just arrived at Nauryz Square in Kazakhstan's southern city of Shymkent on October 26 when he was confronted by a representative from the mayor's office.   Y

Political process

Who really is Kazakhstan’s leader of the nation?

The consensus among Kazakhstan watchers is that the former president is trying to contain his successor.  In an interview earlier this month, Kazakhstan’s former President Nursultan Nazarbay

Events and opinions

Kazakh Prosecutor Calls On Citizens Not To Take Part In 'Illegal' Rallies

The Prosecutor-General's Office has called on citizens not to take part in what it called "illegal" rallies planned by the banned Kazakhstan's Democratic Choice (DVK) movement on September 21. De

Political process

Kazakh Ex-President Rejects Talk Of Shared Power, Blames 'Traitors' For Unrest

Former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev used an extended interview on state television on October 11 to downplay his continuing influence and defer to his successor, condemn "traitors" abroad fo


Inside the decaying mansions abandoned in UK’s most expensive wasteland

New footage has emerged from the decaying multi-million pound London mansions left derelict in ‘one of the most expensive wastelands in the world’.  Billionaires’ Row, officially named The B


Kazakh president orders investigation into China-linked transport project

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on Tuesday ordered an investigation into former senior officials who initiated a struggling $1.5 billion Chinese-led project to build a light rail network in t

Political process

Kazakhstan believes in protests, sort of

An independent polling agency in Kazakhstan has found in a nationwide survey that 43 percent of respondents view demonstrations as a force for good. Only a relatively small portion of respondents

Political process

Mass Arrests Cast Doubt on Rights Reform in Kazakhstan

Since coming to power in June, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev has claimed a desire to accelerate political reforms and improve human rights in the country.  But t


Is China’s Belt And Road Initiative Strategic Genius, Arrogant Overreach Or Something Else?

The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s bold and risky response to internal tensions and external pressure, but it is not backed by an inspiring idea. President Xi Jinping, the modern-day emperor


COUNTRY of coups and dashed hopes

Despite democratic donor countries generous support Kyrgyz elites continue to roll back towards authoritarianism and kleptocracy. Twice these processes resulted in mass riots, with Kyrgyzstan’s two


HRW Submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s poor human rights record has regretably deterioriated since its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in October 2014. Authorities cracked down on peaceful protests critical of government

Events and opinions

Should Europe fear Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union?

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is a Russian-run structure, loosely modelled on the European Union. The guests of honour at the recent summit in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, were leaders from

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