February 2015

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Kazakh dissident Aliyev found hanged in Austrian jail

Rakhat Aliyev, the Kazakh president's former son-in-law turned political foe, was found hanging in an Austrian jail on Tuesday while awaiting trial for murder, but his lawyers doubted the official exp...

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Rakhat Aliyev: Businessman and diplomat who exploited his connections to make a fortune but was due to stand trial for murder

Rakhat Aliyev experienced the sort of career that is only possible in autocratic regimes; where blood is thicker than water, and where whom you know is infinitely more important than anything you may ...

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How Jihad Came to Brooklyn

The two Uzbeks and one Kazakh who were arrested this week in Brooklyn for allegedly making plans to join Islamic State found their way to the extremist group only after they immigrated to the United S...

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Aliyev, Kazakh exile who fled to Malta, found hanged in Austrian jail

Rakhat Aliyev, the Kazakh president's former son-in-law who had came to Malta in a bid to evade double murder charges, has been found dead in an Austrian jail after killing himself, a court spokeswoma...

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Vladimir Putin ordered Russian special forces to steal MH370 and secretly landed it at huge space port in Kazakhstan, claims expert

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was hijacked on the orders of Vladimir Putin and secretly landed in Kazakhstan, an expert has claimed in a wild new theory.         Je...

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Kazakhstan: Rakhatgate Saga Over as Former Son-in-Law Found Hanged

Rakhat Aliyev, the flamboyant and controversial former son-in-law of Kazakhstan's president, has been found dead in an Austrian prison, where he was awaiting trial on charges of murdering two bankers ...

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A banished member of Kazakhstan royalty has died by apparent suicide

The estranged former son-in-law of Kazakhstan's president has been found hanged in a Vienna jail cell, after an eight-year effort by the Central Asian government to bring him home to face murder and r...


Far From Kazakh Chief's Inner Circle, Aliyev Found Dead in Cell

Rakhat Aliyev rose to the height of influence and power in Kazakhstan, marrying the president's daughter and controlling many of the country's major companies. By the time he was found dead in a Vienn...


Kazakh ex-diplomat Aliyev dies from apparent suicide - Austrian court

Rakhat Aliyev, the Kazakh president's former son-in-law turned opponent, has been found dead in an Austrian jail from an apparent suicide, a court spokeswoman said on Tuesday. "He committed suici...

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Kazakh resistance to ex-Soviet devaluation wave damaging economy

Facing early elections, Kazakhstan has been steadfast in refusing to devalue the tenge but the dangers of an over-valued currency are already evident and may ultimately force official action. Kaz...


Kazakh Fund Says FX Sales Alone Won’t Shore Up Tenge

Kazakhstan's sovereign wealth fund, which controls oil producer KazMunaiGaz and the nation's rail monopoly, said selling its companies' foreign-currency earnings alone won't stave off pressure on the ...

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Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Allies Call for Snap Presidential Poll

Moves are afoot in Kazakhstan to hold a snap presidential election. Proponents say an early election would give incumbent strongman Nursultan Nazarbayev a fresh mandate as the country faces a slumping...

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Kazakhstan's Industrial Heartland Feels Economic Squeeze

Kazakhstan's slowing economy is pinching the country's industrial heartland. Several industrial behemoths have announced cutbacks that they blame on a toxic mix of factors hitting their bottom li...

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Russia To Replace Ukrainian Weaponry With Help From CSTO Allies

Russia's post-Soviet security bloc will work to build up the capacity of other member states to produce substitutes for Ukrainian weaponry, the bloc's top official announced.       ...

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