June 2013

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Cameron under fire for visiting Kazakhstan's dictator to sign lucrative energy deals

  David Cameron is under pressure from human rights campaigners as he prepares to do business with Kazakhstan. He will become the first serving British leader to visit the oil-rich country

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David Cameron's trip to Kazakhstan offers him a major opportunity - but will he take it?

  It should be both easy and timely for Cameron to publicly raise concern about human rights abuses and the imprisoned opposition leader at the highest levels        


Blair's dirty money: As his tentacles reach Mongolia, how the ex-PM is making millions from some of the world's most evil regimes

  With every passing month, Tony Blair looks more and more like a deposed emperor who has systematically set up his own government in exile. How else should we view the inexorable rise of h

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A Prison within a Prison: the Plight of Kazakh Poet Aron Atabek

  Hooded and handcuffed, sixty year old poet Aron Atabek shuffles around a dimly-lit room. The guards accompanying him prevent any communication with his fellow prisoners; the hood that they've

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A Kazakh horror show nears it is ending

  State seeks bailed-out bank sales; mooted deals get mixed reception. Four years after being nationalized and restructured by the Kazakh government, a trio of troubled Kazakh lenders are eyeing

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Causa Aliyev: Konten von Ex-Botschafter eingefroren

  Der kasachische Ex-Botschafter in Wien soll einem Bericht zufolge wegen des Verdachts der Geldwäsche einvernommen werden. Auf Malta ist das Vermögen des Ex-Botschafters Kasachstans in Österrei

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How Far Will Nazarbaev Go To Take Down Mukhtar Ablyazov?

  Ten years ago, Mukhtar Ablyazov stepped out of Kazakhstan's notorious Derzhavinsk prison with a pledge to give up politics. Ablyazov, a "wild '90s" oligarch and rising force in Kazakhstan

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Italian minister urged to explain deportations to Kazakhstan

  Italy's interior minister is under pressure from opposition parliamentarians to explain the deportation to Kazakhstan last week of the wife and daughter of Mukhtar Ablyazov, a prominent dissid

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Italiens staatliche "Geiselnehmer" Österreichs Innenministerium konnte fragwürdige „Ausweisung" nicht verhindern.

  Die Entführung einer Kasachin und deren Tochter aus Rom mit Unterstützung der italienischen Geheimpolizei zeigt das gleiche Muster, wie die Verschleppung des islamistischen Imam Abu Omar durch


Konflikt um Rohstoffkonzern ENRC: Zurück in den Schatten

  Während in London wegen schweren Betrugs gegen ENRC ermittelt wird, will ein kasachisches Bündnis den Rohstoffkonzern mit Staatshilfe komplett übernehmen. Jetzt erhält es mehr Zeit, sein Angeb

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Kazakh oligarch accuses president of kidnapping wife and daughter

  Mukhtar Ablyazov is a former banker and politician pursued in London's high court over allegations he embezzled over £3bn. Mukhtar Ablyazov was granted political asylum in the UK before f

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Kazakh Fugitive Banker’s Family Snatched in Nighttime Italy Raid

  Former BTA Bank Chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov's wife and daughter were deported to Kazakhstan from Italy on June 1 in the latest blow to the fugitive banker.   Alma Shalabayeva and Ablyaz

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Family Of Exiled Kazakh Oligarch Deported

  The wife and daughter of a fugitive Kazakh businessman have been deported from Italy back to Kazakhstan. Mukhtar Ablyazov accused Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev of kidnapping his fa

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